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BitBillions announces new co founder positions and new disruptive software release

Update:  The crowd source funded BitBillions organisation announces co founder positions, ahead of a major new software release that it claims will be a revolution in Bitcoin use.

From the official Blog

It is our opinion that the 3 greatest barriers to Bitcoin becoming a mainstream payment mechanism is the technical learning curve, barriers to acquiring them, and security. We intend to completely remove all three barriers from the equation with one single product. This will FOREVER change the way people acquire and use bitcoins. This will FOREVER change the Bitcoin economy. This is a truly REVOLUTIONARY idea. And you, the members of GBBG, will profit from it!

I have just setup a privately run external forum for discussion about the popular crowd source BitBillions projects. Feel free to join. It’s not run by BitBillions and provides a free place to talk.


Want to have a little fun?

Did you know you don’t have to invest any real money to make real money from bitcoins? All you need to do is open a free bitcoins wallet to start receiving cash.

Most of us will have heard of the crazy price swings of the new crypto currency. In Feb 2013 they were only a few dollars, then, partly due to the crisis in Cyprus, they raced to nearly $250 per coin; then just as spectacularly it crashed again back down to the teens. So, hardly a very stable investment right? Really just a bubble currency that only the brave and the foolish would dare put any money into, right?

Well, would you like some free money? Here are some very good reasons why you should at least open a free bitcoin wallet (best listed below).

There are a number of sites who will now pay you in bitcoins for watching video’s and ads, visiting sites, translating, doing surveys, even bitcoin gaming etc… all the usual internet marketing stuff that makes a few extra dollars if you can be bothered. But the benefits of being paid in bitcoins rather than dollars and cents is simple, it is exactly because of the crazy price fluctuations that your lowly earned bitcoins can suddenly turn into way more than you ever expected. (see the amazing GBBG Fund info at the end of this article)
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