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Join in the Crypto Currency Market – Trade in Bitcoins

For those interested in other crypto currencies like litecoin, feathercoin etc… there are more and more of these new currencies developing and you can see current prices and trade in them at this currency exchange market.


Why would you buy other types of crypto coin other than Bitcoin? Well for the same reason people bought Bitcoin when it started. If you get in early their prices will rise and the price fluctuations between them allow for profit opportunities for the savvy.

Don’t forget one of the easiest ways to get free Bitcoin to trade with is by joining one of the crowd source funded Bitcoin projects

One of the new coins and new movers on the exchange is ZetaCoin, it is BTC based but has lightening fast verification and 160 millions coins rather than just 21 mil for Bitcoin. An ideal coin for small and fast transactions and definitely one to keep your eye on. Currently very cheap to buy in and it can be mined with existing progs like cpuminer and cgminer.

Get a Litecoin Wallet here | Get a ZetaCoin Wallet Here

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