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Serious about your Family's health? You must see this! - Amazing new Functions, Hottest product on the market

See the new Helo Wearable! The personal Health Oracle! It makes Fitbit look slow and old. Check the features out. Everything that fitbit does ++

Up to 5 users on Mobile phone App with amazing full ongoing charts for all your functions. It learns as you use it. You can monitor your whole family!

Uses Latest Toshiba Chip technology, new firmware update (free) Monitors: Blood Pressure, Heart ECG, Pulse, Blood Sugar, Blood alcohol.

SOS function which Alerts any email or SMS you set with google location maps. Even comes with Titanium contact plate with Tibetan Salts!

Worlds most advanced health monitoring device, new additions Blood Sugar and Blood alcohol!
Buy one now! >>Direct order - 4 Day Delivery Internationally

Buy one now! >>Direct order today - 4 Day DHL Delivery Internationally
Uses Latest Toshiba Chip technology. New free firmware updates will Monitor: Blood Sugar and Blood alcohol! | Yu Yanji | Ani Globe | Alerted News

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